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Timur Restaurant offers a brand new take on Indian and Nepalese inspired food, in which we offer different types of dishes, flavours and sensations typically eaten and served in the streets of India or Nepal - bought right here in Crystal Palace. We have carefully designed the menu to represent the food we love most, in the most thoughtfully designed way. We can't wait to welcome you in, to sit and enjoy what we love to do most, whether it is inside the restaurant or at home, from our family to yours, Namaste.


Our Menu

Explore texture, color and of course the ultimate tastes with our menu of the season. All the ingredients are fresh and carefully selected by our chefs. Enjoy an extraordinary dinning experience.

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Tuesday – Sunday: 3 PM – 10 PM



A unique dinner works best with wine pairing

You can choose from a variety of styles, light and easy drinking, fresh and aromatic white wines or you could try intense and elegant red wines. Creative cuisine involves sophisticated wines.

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